Answers from the Team

Etracker Pro generates a session id for your website visitors and matches the session id with your analytics data. You will be able to create Phone Leads from our platform, follow up the conversion of phone leads turning into orders. Each order and lead mapped over session id, you can track and analyze the full sales funnel for every aspect from source to sales channel, lead to order, phone or website, etc.

A session ID is a unique number that a website’s server assigns a specific user for the duration of that user’s visit (session).

  • Bigcommerce
  • Shopify
  • Woo Commerce
  • Other non-eCommerce platforms
  • Follow up the phone calls that did not turn into sales,
  • See your potential customers from leads, convert these leads to orders, and increase your sales.
  • Track sales conversions in advertised environments such as Google Ads or Facebook Pixel.
  • Track phone orders, simply adding your customer’s Session ID in the notes section or a tag (depending on the platform) on your eCommerce order screen.
  • Order tracking – See where your orders are coming from;
    Source / Medium / Landing page / Campaign / Device / User Type / Order Type (phone or website) etc..
  • Lead tracking – Create your leads from the platform and let Session ID match analytics data:
    Source / Medium / Landing page / Device